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A Round up of the Winter Term

Some of your children have had their first taste of snow this year, with the perfect dump of sticky snow which quickly disappeared and didn't cause too much disruption

snowman-making or snow angels. It was lovely to hear one of our 3-year olds say "do you remember when we came here last year and went sledging?" So, these really are memories that stick!

I don't want to tempt fate by saying that we have got to the end of the year without a positive case

of Covid. So I shall say we have thus far managed to steer clear of Covid at Wise Owls, which is no mean feat. This is definitely thanks to our cleaning staff, and practitioners for going above and beyond in their duties and to you as parents for understanding about keeping children at home if they have a temperature and getting tests before coming back. I understand that this has not been easy - and temperatures and coughs are normal at this time of year - so thank you to everyone for being vigilant.


We have more new staff who have joined us since our last newsletter: Jamie Acres has taken on the kitchen duties and we are definitely enjoying trying out some of his new recipes which have been getting the thumbs up from the children. That has freed Vicky up to be in the baby room which, judging by the laughter floating down from the baby room, suggests she is now in her element!!

We have also welcomed Joanna Barrie as a part-time member of staff in the Branchers Room. In January 2021, we will be welcoming Kirstie Hodgson back to Wise Owls in the Fledgling room. Many of the children in the Fledgling room already know Kirstie and I am delighted to have her back!


Due to the recent announcement on Saturday 19th December 2020 regarding schools going back slightly later than planned, watch this space as we wait for further guidance. We are hoping it will be business as usual from Tuesday 5th January 2021, but will clarify as soon as we know.


Sadly, due to Covid resulting in many parents working from home and not requiring out of schoolcare for their children, we made the decision to temporarily suspend our before and after schoolclub.

This is because there is another out of school club and the numbers that attend just didn't justifythe time it takes away from the other children. I felt that neither the OSC children nor theFledglings after 4pm were getting good enough attention.

We hope that this will be a temporary closure until the Covid guidance is relaxed and the childrencan mix again.

We will still be running holiday clubs for school aged children because the other OSC in Moffat runs term time only.


This year, because we have had an unusually large number of babies requiring childcare, we applied to the Careinspectorate to request a variation in our registration. Pending a few adjustments in our layout upstairs, ourregistration will be as follows:

To provide a care service to a maximum of 36 children aged from birth to those attending primary school at anyone time.

Of those 36 children no more than 5 are attending primary school during term time and no more than 10 areattending primary school during holiday periods.

Of those 36 children no more than 9 are aged under 2 years

Of those 36 children no more than 22 are aged 2 years to those not yet attending primary school

Of those 22 children no more than 10 are aged 2 years to under 3 years.


So, the long and short of it is, we can pretty much nowaccommodate any requests you have for your children, ifyou would like to increase their sessions. Just get in quickas we will be taking on new babies in the new year!

It also means that we have some extra funded spaces inthe Branchers room for funded 2s and 3-5s, so let yourfriends know if your child loves coming! And all that remains to be said is I wish you all a peacefulholiday season and a more hopeful, less socially distanced 2021.


Ivy House, 65-67 High Street Moffat United Kingdom DG10 9HG

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