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Christmas Present Ideas for your Bush Crafteer Junior!

We've done all the hunting for you so you don't have to....you're welcome!

Wondering what gifts you could get your Bush Craft loving muck monster? Vicky and Catherine have come up with 6 ideas ranging from stocking fillers to under the tree gifts and we think you'll agree, every child who comes to our class will just love them!

We love to shop local and support local businesses so make sure you pop in to see Rick at Moffat Outdoors to check for Bush Craft ideas!

I was just searching on the internet, so these are only ideas; always support local first!

1) We started off looking for flint and steels and then came across this beauty!! A Paracord Survival Bracelet with Built in Fire Starter AND Whistle at only £2.49 plus free delivery on Amazon, this would be a great stocking filler - and keep them amused for hours as they try to put the cord back into a bracelet again. Then again, maybe you should stress that the cord is only to be used in emergencies and trussing up the Christmas turkey isn't one of them!

Warning!! If you do buy a flint and steel for your child, it's always worth buying some cotton wool balls for them to practice on, otherwise you'll come downstairs to find your Christmas tree on fire :-D

2) How about a Headlight Head Torch? - this one is described as weatherproof and rest assured we'll test that out after the holidays! -£7.99, again on Amazon

3) Woollen gloves aren't the best for Bush Craft as they can get quite soggy, but with the winter setting in and us encouraging the children to use tools, these Grip gloves look ideal From £4.25 on Amazon

4) We won't deprive your child of a warm cup of hot chocolate if they don't bring a mug, but these Reusable Collapsible Cups look ideal to pack into a bag and get your kids into the habit or re-using cups. Made of BPA Free Silicone, £8.99

5) We haven't really had time in after school Bush Craft sessions to cook, but I reckon in our longer holiday sessions, we'll focus on make you own meal (?worm??!!) bush craft dinner with these Camping Cookware Kit. £9.99

6) And if you want 30 minutes of peace on Christmas morning, you could pop this Bushcraft:Survival Skills book next to their stocking! £7.50

We hope you've found these helpful! The kids have had an amazing time during the Autumn sessions and we hope they'll continue to join Will, Vicky and Catherine in the New Year!


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